Type 1 planetary civilization

A planetary civilization or global civilization is a civilization of Type I on Kardashev scale, with energy consumption levels near that of a contemporary terrestrial civilization with an energy capability equivalent to the solar insolation on Earth (between 1016 and 1017 watts). In social aspect – the worldwide, global, increasingly interconnected, international, highly technological society. A Type I civilization is planetary, consuming all energy that is available from a neighboring star, or about 1017 watts. A Type II civilization is stellar, consuming all the energy that their star emits, or 1027 watts. A type III civilization is galactic, consuming the energy of billions of stars, or about 1037 watts.

In science fiction

Planetary civilizations are various civilizations we see in science fiction. Michio Kaku qualifies as one of a typical Type I civilization would be that of Buck Rogers or Flash Gordon, where an entire planet's energy resources have been developed. They can control all planetary sources of energy, so they might be able to control or modify the weather at will, harness the power of a hurricane, or have cities on the oceans. Although they roam the heavens in rockets, their energy output is still largely confined to a planet.